I am inspired by big data, the small pieces it is made of, information, individual emotions, censorship, privacy, highly constrained expressions, physical computing, used materials, electronic and mechanical displays. The first piece I made, I wish I could be exactly what you are looking for (2013), which displays pulsating phrases taken from live tweets that contain the words "I wish", was acquired by the Whitney Museum. 

In other lives, I am a TED Fellow, a visiting scientist at Harvard where I pioneered the big data science of human culture, I co-created the Google Books Ngram Viewer, co-authored a nonfiction book on big data titled Uncharted (Riverhead, 2013), and I am the founder of Quantified Labs



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Contact me at jb.michel on gmail, @jb_michel on twitter, or come see me in Brooklyn.  

For information on availabilities and current works, contact my curator Marc Azoulay at marc.azoulay on gmail.